Small businesses will often hire bookkeepers, HR, and marketing staff, without understanding the limits of their skills. That’s understandable, because how would the recruiter know? The candidates may have years of experience on their resumes so it’s easy to assume they can do the job. But would the owner of the business know if they were provided with the service expected until too late. If reports are not accurate or if opportunities are missed, would the owner know? Even worse, would the owner know if problems exist. Often not! Administrative staff may not report problems for fear of loosing their job.

The best way for a business owner to learn if their administrative functions are operating as they should is to schedule a review. A typical engagement will require only a few weeks, cost considerably less than a CPA audit, and provide a much broader service. A review will identify issues, resolve errors, recommend cost saving strategies, improve the timeliness and quality of reporting, and improve the skills of the administrative staff.

If you haven’t had such a review in the past few years, it’s time to schedule. Invest in a review. Your business or practice will benefit long-term.