One of the samples presented on this website under the Samples menu relates to the GraceWorks Ministries campaign.

This sample is interesting for two reasons:

  1. The site was established by a marketing company to help their client, a dentist, obtain more customers. The fact that it would also help a charity raise funds was a bonus.
  2. The funds raised by the site were developed by just one sponsor. However, the system can support many sponsors.

GraceWorks Ministries is a charity in the Nashville, TN metro area that helps the poor. Two separate fundraising campaigns took place, one in 2014 and another in 2016. Both campaigns involved a single dentist as a sponsor. The dentist offered discount coupons toward future dental services as “rewards” to encourage donations to the charity. Both campaigns were very successful raising over $5,000 each for the charity and winning 24 new clients in 2014 and 19 new clients in 2016, for the dentist. The dentist was thrilled to obtain the new clients, the charity was very pleased to receive the donations, and the donors were happy to receive the “rewards”. It was a win-win-win!


GraceWorks 2016 campaign

A Unique and Successful Campaign:

The campaign was conceived by a marketing company to help their client, a dentist, market their practice to obtain more clients. The challenge was to create a low-cost marketing campaign for the dentist that would produce near-term results. Postcard campaigns were used earlier and were not cost effective at all, and the dentist was already paying for online pay-per-click with marginal success. Therefore, the marketing company proposal was to announce a charity fundraising campaign as a way to obtain free press and goodwill through social posts for the dentist. The marketing company then contacted the charity, GraceWorks Ministries, and told them they had a sponsor willing to raise funds for the charity. The charity was excited to be selected for the campaign and agreed to offer their logo and content for the fundraising site. They also agreed to help market the campaign.

The result was a successful and cost effective marketing campaign for the dental client, as described above, in part because there were no media costs (i.e. no postage, no print, no AdWords, etc.).


This campaign worked for the dentist because their customers wanted to obtain the “rewards” and were willing to promote the dentist and their “rewards” to family and friends to help the charity. This resulted in a lot of free promotion for the dentist and the charity!