Our crowdfunding websites are specialized systems that make use of campaign oriented marketing processes and social media platforms to raise funds. While many people associate crowdfunding websites with start-up projects or special causes, they can also be incredibly successful at raising funds for non-profit organizations. This can be done by using a reward-based crowdfunding website system designed to present sponsor, individual, and team fundraising campaigns, dedicated for your non-profit organization.


1) Our crowdfunding systems can be stand-a-lone websites or accessed from a link from your home page. They present a menu system of website pages to present content regarding your organization and the functions of the crowdfunding system.FGP_website3

2) The site features business sponsor ads on the home page. Each clicks through to a detailed sponsor page that describes the products/services of the sponsor and discount coupons offered, if any, to serve as “rewards” to encourage donations. Each sponsor ad is also a fundraising campaign to help the non-profit. Each sponsor campaign displays their goal, the funds raised, lists backers, and keeps a tally of the rewards purchased and remaining.

Participants3) Individuals can also register to participate as a fundraiser. They set a goal, create or join a team, and use integrated social links to invite family & friends to donate to the non-profit. A campaign progress bar is associated with each individual and team campaign.

4) Donations made through sponsor ads can be attributed to an individual fundraiser to help them and their team meet their goals.

5) “Reward” coupons offered by sponsors, or a ticket to the pancake breakfast, as applicable, encourage donations and are emailed to the donor as a “thank you” for contributing to the non-profit.

6) A “hero” table may be presented on the home page to recognize the most active individual and team fundraisers.herotable

Additional Features

  • Dedicated, privately branded system.
  • WordPress websites for easy content changes and posts.
  • Add more website pages to display content about your organization, if desired.
  • Presents a campaign strategy to fundraising.
  • Supports multiple, simultaneously running, fundraising campaigns sponsored by individuals, teams, and businesses.
  • Progress bars for all campaigns (individual, team, sponsor, and aggregate project).
  • Integrated social media links on all campaigns to help “spread the word” about the campaigns.
  • Backer listings with anonymous designation, if desired.
  • Home page “hero” presentation to recognize most active individual and team fundraisers.
  • Supports sponsor ad presentations to raise more funds.
  • Sponsor ads presented on home page (5 per row, no limit on number of rows).
  • Sponsor ads link to detailed sponsor campaign presentations.
  • Sponsor campaigns present progress bar, backer listing, sponsor coupons and information.
  • Sponsor coupons supported to serve as “rewards” to encourage donations.
  • Donations made through sponsor campaigns can be attributed to an individual fundraiser to help them meet their goal.
  • Similar to a sponsor ad, the non-profit may present its own campaigns to obtain donations without rewards or to offer tickets to an event, such as a pancake breakfast.
  • Payment gateways from Vanco Services and PayPal (Pro and Standard) supported.