Following are samples of our crowdfunding system:

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Special Olympics Georgia and the Knights of Columbus has already raised over $14,000 in sponsor ad fees in this active campaign. They are raising more from the event itself. It demonstrates the importance of providing a means to present sponsor ads. They can be a major revenue source. Furthermore, the discount coupon “rewards” offered by some sponsors help to stimulate donations to the non-profit. This site did not present individual or team campaigns. They just sell sponsor ads, sponsor coupons, and tickets for the 5K event.

GraceWorks Ministries raised over $5,000, for the 2nd time, from a single sponsor! It demonstrates how a single sponsor site can be presented and the potential for fundraising using these systems. The dental sponsor offered discount coupons to serve as “rewards” to encourage donations to the charity. One of the rewards was a free new patient exam. They received 24 new patients the 1st time they sponsored a campaign and 19 new patients the 2nd time. The charity was thrilled to receive $5,000+ in donations, twice! The dentist was happy receiving the new patients, and the donors were pleased to receive the discount coupons while helping a charity. That’s a win-win-win!

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a charity with thousands of local councils and conferences. This is a new site for one of their local councils that is just beginning its fundraising campaign. It is in the process of sponsor sign-up.

Sample Site. The following site provides a sample of individual and team fundraising campaigns together with sponsors. This is a demo site. Feel free to play with the site such as by registering an individual fundraising campaign or making a donation. Since this is a demo site, no donation transactions will be processed.