Consulting, Staffing and Operational Reviews

We provide consulting and staffing services to organizations, large and small, that need staff for full-time or part-time projects, short-term or long-term. Our services range from bookkeeping to sales innovation including financial analysis and general business consulting. We also provide operational reviews of the administrative functions of organizations to help them perform better. Our services include training for staff as needed. An operational review is designed to identify issues and make recommendations to improve the quality of your staff and your bottom line. Services are provided by current or former Certified Public Accountants and experienced business executives.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our accounting and bookkeeping services are offered at a level far beyond traditional bookkeeping. With each engagement, we assign a current or former CPA to oversee the bookkeeper that we provide to service the client. Doing so provides higher quality of service because the work of the bookkeeper is reviewed. The client also benefits from the experience of the CPA without having to pay CPA rates for the work performed. The result is a very efficient and low cost way of servicing the accounting/bookkeeping needs for clients.

Our accounting/bookkeeping services include A/R, A/P, Payroll, financial statement preparation, business tax return preparation, financial analysis, and general business consulting. We also include our administrative operational review service at no added cost with each engagement of 6 months or more.

Marketing Services

We provide marketing consulting and staffing services to organizations, large and small. Our staff are experts at digital, print or broadcast methods involving the production and maintenance of brochures, websites, email campaigns, search campaigns, social campaigns, and brand management.

Our marketing consulting services advise on strategy even though you may plan to engage others or keep in-house the production and maintenance of ads, websites and marketing materials and campaigns.

Customer Service Consulting & Audits

Customer satisfaction is directly related to earnings. It affects retention and new customer acquisition. We provide consulting services to organizations to help provide great customer service. Our consulting may include advisory services, marketing activities, assessment activities such as with customer service audits, and employee coaching.

Customer service audits provide vision into how customers and others perceive your organization. The audits examine policies and practices that relate to your customers and brand. They help identify areas for improvement. Using a 3rd party such as Triliji to conduct the audit provides an unbiased, independent assessment that will more likely result in improvement of the customer experience and earnings.

Social media has changed the landscape with regard to customer service. The brand of the organization can be negatively impacted by a single event or a single unhappy customer. Our customer service consulting and audits are designed to identify and prevent situations that can sour customers and recommend processes to turn customers into referral sources for more business.

Employee Coaching

Most organizations believe their employees intrinsically know how to provide great customer service. But the reality is that they may not be sufficiently instructed or motivated to do so. Policies established by managers may not permit them to provide the service needed. For whatever reason, our coaching services will help your staff establish and implement the policies and conduct the service expected by customers.