Sponsor a Charity & Win New Customers

The Opportunity

Charitable organizations need to raise funds and many look to businesses to sponsor fundraising campaigns for their benefit. Businesses that respond can also benefit by leveraging the charity campaign to promote their business. It’s easy, inexpensive, and very effective!

Sponsors Benefit

The process is good for sponsors because it reflects favorably on their business. It shows their willingness to be socially responsible by supporting the community. It’s easy! Just inform your contacts about the campaign. Ask them to use the social links on the website to inform family & friends. The process promotes your brand for up to 12 months. You’ll win new customers while helping the charity.

Triliji – Crowdfunding System

Triliji matches businesses with charities for this purpose. Triliji also provides a specialized online crowdfunding website system that we co-brand for the charity and sponsor. The right tool makes the difference! The Triliji system is perfect for presenting the campaign, promoting sponsors through social media, and obtaining donations for the charity. It simultaneously presents individual, team, and sponsor fundraising campaigns. Each provides a way to promote your business while helping the charity.

Why It Works

Helping a Charity

People are willing to help a charity. They are more likely to pay attention to an ad that requests support for a cause than an ad trying to sell a product or service.

Social Media

People are willing to use social media to promote charitable campaigns. They’ll “spread the word” to family & friends. They won’t do that for a postcard or other forms of advertising. The social marketing that results from charitable fundraising campaigns reflects favorably on the business sponsor as their brand is associated with community support. It also results in essentially free advertising that would not have taken place otherwise.

Discount Coupons

As an option, offer discount coupons as “rewards” for donations. People are more inclined to post to social media if a coupon is included. You’ll win more customers! Coupon redemptions provide a great way to measure campaign success. (Coupons are automatically generated and emailed to donors. There is nothing for the sponsor to print or send.)