Social media has increased the need for great customer service. One unsatisfied customer can proclaim their dissatisfaction to many. This was seldom an issue 10 years ago, but it’s a common occurrence today.

Senior management of an organization may believe that only the highest level of customer service is provided by their organization. Possibly so. But do they really know? Many organizations have customer service issues festering, already dragging on earnings, and senior management may not be aware. According to a recent Microsoft study, 60% of global consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a single poor customer service experience. The majority of these customers leave quietly without complaining. Others complain through social media, not directly to the company, so how can senior management know? One way to find out is to order a customer service audit.

A customer service audit assesses the state of customer service offered by an organization by performing various tasks to identify policies, practices and issues that cause customer frustrations that may lead to lost business. The audit also measures the organizations’ customer service “score” and reports on how it compares with other organizations in the industry. The audit report includes recommendations to resolve issues, prevent future issues, and to turn customers into referral partners.

A customer service audit will do more to improve the financial performance of an organization than the annual financial audit because recommendations from the customer service audit will have direct impact on revenue development, a financial audit does not.

If you believe that great customer service is important for your organization, call Triliji to schedule a customer service audit.