Consulting for Non-profits

We also provide consulting services to non-profits. Part of our services include website systems integrated with the latest in crowdfunding technologies and processes to help non-profits raise funds. The crowdfunding functionality may be turned on or off to present fundraising campaigns when needed or to hide the functionality when not.

The integrated fundraising system is not just a static donate page! It includes strategies to encourage donations and social media to “spread the word” about campaigns. The system supports multiple, simultaneously running campaigns, by individuals, teams, and business sponsors designed to raise funds from multiple sources for the non-profit. A website with the fundraising system turned off may appear as follows:

The same website with the fundraising system turned on, may appear as presented in the image below. Our systems provide for the presentation of sponsor ads to develop more revenue, and sponsor rewards to encourage more donations.

Individuals can register a fundraising campaign setting a goal and establishing or joining a team. As with the sponsor campaigns, each individual fundraising campaign has its own progress bar and social links to promote the campaign. Visitors select an individual campaign to help them meet their fundraising goal and then proceed to donate through any of the sponsors on the home page.

Our fundraising systems provide for simultaneous fundraising campaigns featuring sponsors, individuals, and teams, all raising funds for your non-profit. Sponsors also provide ad fee revenue.